Getting to know Kubernetes

Hello to all Engineers & DevOps enthusiasts out there!
I am starting this new series on one of the most famous Container Orchestration Platform: KUBERNETES

The Questions arise:

What is Kubernetes???

What Kubernetes does

Why Kubernetes???

Besides this, there are some other factors pushing towards DevOps migration towards Kubernetes:

* Deploying Application(containers) at scale

K8s Controller provides:
1) Scalability: Software can be deployed for the first time in a scale-out manner across Pods, and deployments can be scaled in or out at any time.
2) Horizontal auto scaling: K8s auto scalers automatically resize a deployment’s number of Pods based on the usage of specified resources (within defined limits).
3) Visibility: In -process, Completed & Failed deployments can be easily identified.
4) Run at will: Pause a deployment anytime and resume later.
5) Version control: Roll back a deployment to an earlier version of application Image if the current version is not stable. Update the current deployed pods Image versions to newer ones.

* Eliminates Infrastructure Lock-in

* Modularity using ‘Service’

How to use Kubernetes & its different scenarios:

  1. Introduction to Kubernetes
  2. Kubernetes Cluster Management
  3. Pods & Containers

Hopefully the above links will help the users in gaining useful insights in their quest to understand Kubernetes.
Happy DevOpsing…

Cloud, DevOps Enthusiast :)

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